Collaboration and Partnerships

Gravida - The National Centre for Growth and Development Research

Professor Elaine Rush  is a Principal Investigator with Gravida, the national centre for growth and development research to understand better "What makes a healthy start for a productive life?"
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Starship Childrens Health (Nursing)

Starship Childrens Health is the national centre for the delivery of health care to children in New Zealand and many Pacific nations.  The centre works closely with Starship where Dr Tineke Water currently holds a collaborative position as Nursing Research Fellow.
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Sommerville Special School 

The centre works closely with Sommerville Special School in designing a SNAP for health programme specifically for children with special needs to improve quality of life and wellbeing.
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King Edward Memorial Hospital and Research Centre 

The Centre works in collaboration with Professor CS Yajnik at the Diabetes Unit, King Edward Memorial Hospital and Research Centre investigating maternal and child nutrition and associations with risk for chronic disease in later life. 

Children's Nursing Research Unit, Alder Hey Children's NHS Trust 

Alder Hey is one of Europe's busiest children's hospitals caring for over 270,000 young people and their families every year. The centre is currently collaborating on a number of projects  with Professor Bernie Carter and her team in research related to children's experience of illness and healthcare.
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