Centre for Pacific Health and Development Research

General overview

The Centre for Pacific Health and Development Research brings together research that advances understanding of public health issues that can improve access to healthcare and promote good health among Pacific peoples in New Zealand. It was established in 2003 within the National Institute for Public Health and Mental Health Research. However, the centre existed previously under the umbrella of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Community Health and Research and has been involved in research on Pacific health issues for more than 10 years.

A core aim of the centre is to conduct research with Pacific peoples, with particular emphasis on studies of relevance to public and community health and development. As part of this work, collaborative links have been and are being developed and strengthened with other academic institutions, government, non-government organisations and Pacific communities.

All information and research findings are widely disseminated to inform policy development, health care providers, health professionals, students, policymakers and the wider community. The centre is also committed to contributing to the development of the Pasifika research workforce.

A key focus of the centre is the Pacific Islands Families Study. This project is a longitudinal prospective study of a cohort of 1398 Pacific children born in 2000 at Auckland's Middlemore Hospital and their families. The overall aim of the study is to provide information on Pacific people's health - including the cultural, economic, environmental and psychosocial factors considered to be important influences on child health and development and family functioning. Further in-depth information regarding the Pacific Islands Family Study (PIF Study) is available here.

The Centre for Pacific Health and Development Research is advised and assisted by an Advisory Group composed of people from Pacific communities.

Key staff within the Centre for Pacific Health and Development Research are: