Gambling and Addictions Research Centre

Introduction and General Overview

The Gambling and Addictions Research Centre brings together research that improves New Zealanders' understanding of how gambling and addictions affect society, and enhances policy and professional practice. It was established in 2003 within the National Institute for Public Health and Mental Health Research. However, Auckland University of Technology has been significantly involved in gambling research since 1991.

The emphasis of the Centre is on the conduct of applied research that informs policy and professional practice in public education, population health and primary and secondary health care. With that emphasis in mind, the Centre aims to:

  • Disseminate research-based information through publications, seminars and mass media
  • Advocate evidence-based gambling and addictions policy and service provision
  • Develop and provide education programmes
  • Promote and support postgraduate teaching and research
  • Work collaboratively with other research organisations and stakeholders.

As part of this work, collaborative links have been, and are being, developed and strengthened with other academic institutions (within New Zealand and internationally), government, non-government organisations, and other major stakeholders. All information and research findings are widely disseminated to inform policy development, health care providers, health professionals, students, policymakers and the wider community.

Key staff within the Gambling and Addictions Research Centre are:

Associated AUT Staff

Adjunct Professor