Media Exposure

1 July 2019

Stuff: Pacific youth underage gambling with family and friends a ‘social’ activity - study

Summary: About one-third of 17-year-old Pacific youth were current gamblers, most at a low level.  However, a significant minority had experienced harmful or risky gambling behaviour in their family.

19 August 2018
New Zealand Herald: He came to NZ for a better life, but ended up losing $2 million in gambling

Summary: The 2018 National Gambling Study found that migrants who gambled were at a higher risk of becoming a problem gambler compared with New Zealand-born Kiwis.

6 August 2018
New Zealand Herald: High rates of relapse blamed for stubborn levels of gambling-related harm in NZ

Summary: The 2018 National Gambling Study found that fewer Kiwis are gambling but the rate of gambling-related harm remains the same with high rates of relapse being a large part of the reason.

4 July 2018
New Zealand Herald: Pasifika children at risk of gambling addiction due to mothers’ habits, study shows

Summary: The longitudinal Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study found that two-thirds of the children and mothers surveyed were worried about the time or money that they spent gambling.  The study found that 54% of the children had gambled at least once in their lifetime, and 3.7% were found to be problem-gamblers.

17 February 2016
New Zealand Herald: State of the Nation
Summary: The Salvation Army's annual report on New Zealand life is surprisingly rosy, but it does highlight some concerns… AUT public health researcher Professor Max Abbott suggested last week that a decline in gambling over the past 15 years pointed to  New Zealanders "adapting" to the= radical liberalisation of the gambling industry during the economic reforms of the late 1980s  and early 90s.

28th April 2016
Fusion: The surprising relationship between caffeine and how you use the internet
Summary:  A study released this week by researchers at New Zealand's Auckland University of Technology and Monash University in Australia has found a link between levels of online activity and caffeine dependency.

15 July 2016
Live News: Widespread support for cannabis law reform
Summary: A recent assembly at the Auckland Town Hall has put the spotlight on New Zealand’s cannabis laws… The event sought to inform intelligent public discussion on the issue of cannabis, and opened with an address from Professor Max Abbott, CNZM – Dean of AUT’s Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences.

10 July 2016
Stuff: Alcohol advertising and sponsorship in sport to be addressed by Government
Summary: Rugby League legend Graham Lowe is "deeply saddened" a 2014 report which recommended banning alcohol advertising in sport has been met with silence from the Government… Panel member and Auckland University of Technology professor Max Abbott said the panel were optimistic that positive changes would come of the review.