NZ National Gambling Study

The National Survey of Lotteries, Gaming and Betting Activities 2012-2016

GARC NRBThe National Gambling Study (NGS) is the first New Zealand population representative longitudinal study into gambling, health, lifestyles, and attitudes about gambling. The NGS started in 2012 with a randomly selected national sample of 6,251 people aged 18 years and older living in private households, and interviewed face-to-face with computer assistance.

Survey questionnaires include questions on leisure activities and gambling participation, past gambling and recent gambling behaviour change, problem gambling, life events, attitudes towards gambling, mental health, substance use/misuse, health conditions, social connectedness, level of deprivation and demographics.

Participants remaining in the study have been re-interviewed in 2013, 2014 and 2015. A selection of participants is currently being interviewed to help us to understand why and how people change their gambling behaviours.

Download the survey GARC survey

  • Project conducted by: Gambling and Addictions Research Centre, National Institute for Public Health and Mental Health Research, AUT
  • Project partner organisation: National Research Bureau
  • Current researchers, at AUT: Professor Max Abbott, Dr Maria Bellringer, Dr Nick Garrett
  • Project funded by: Ministry of Health

Download the reports on the National Gambling Study

New Zealand 2012 National Gambling Study: Overview and gambling participation. Report number 1.
New Zealand 2012 National Gambling Study: Gambling harm and problem gambling. Report number 2.
New Zealand 2012 National Gambling Study: Attitudes towards gambling. Report number 3.
New Zealand National Gambling Study: Wave 2 (2013). Report number 4.
New Zealand National Gambling Study: Wave 3 (2014). Report number 5.
New Zealand National Gambling Study: Wave 4 (2015). Report number 6.
Comparing an additional high-risk gambler cohort with National Gambling Study high-risk gamblers. NGS series report number 7

For data access or other enquiries go to the "Accessing micro level data" page on the Ministry of Health’s gambling pages.

Accessing micro level data page