Trauma-Informed Care

CITR Trauma-Informed Care

This CITR cluster focuses on psychological experiences of trauma, and research on trauma informed interventions.

Dr Jackie Feather is CITR Cluster Leader, Trauma-informed Care. She is a counselling and clinical psychologist and senior lecturer at AUT. Her research interests include evidence-based interventions for child trauma and abuse, clinician-led usability testing for eHealth interventions, and Māori centred research.

Tania Cargo, Ngāti Maru, Ngāti Manu, Ngāpuhi, is a clinical psychologist and lecturer in Psychology at AUT. Her clinical and research focus is vulnerable infants traumatised through family violence, Māori tamariki and whanau, and the impact of trauma on parenting.

Julia Ioane is Samoan clinical psychologist and senior lecturer in psychology at AUT. Her clinical and research focus is childhood trauma and its future outcomes, particularly in relation to antisocial behaviour such as violent offending behaviour and substance abuse. She is interested in looking at interventions that can mitigate future risk of adverse outcomes for children and young people; and are culturally appropriate for the diverse population within Aotearoa.

Dr Pani Farvid is a senior lecturer in psychology at AUT. Her research examines the intersection of gender, sexuality, power, culture, technology and identity, with a view to promoting egalitarian and ethical relationships within heterosexuality (and beyond). As part of the CITR, her work seeks to understand and prevent  gender-based violence, intimate partner violence, and family violence, in immigrant and Muslim communities within New Zealand. She is also part of the Gender and Diversity Research Group AUT and a committee member of Women on Campus.

Research students attached to this CITR cluster include:

Sabah Amir (MPhil in Psychology): Muslim women’s experiences of domestic violence in New Zealand

Michelle Holt (DHSc): The lived experience of being born into grief

Warwick Pudney (PhD): Couples addressing relationship and emotional stress (CARES): A randomised controlled trial of a programme to increase relationship wellbeing for couples in stress and conflict.

Rany Saing (MPhil): Women’s experiences of sexual coercion within marriage in rural Cambodia (MFAT Scholar)

Olivia Taylor (PhD): Evaluation and update of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Child Trauma and Abuse: Neuropsychological Outcomes